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ISO Auditing

AGS staff of experienced auditors have provided auditing services since 2005. AGS provides Complete ISO Auditing Services, External Audits, Internal Audits, Supplier Audits, Gap Analysis, Pre-Assessment Audits, and complete Audit Program Maintenance.


Pre-Assessment Audit

A Pre-Assessment audit is a complete audit of an ISO quality system to determine if the organization if ready for a certification audit by a Body. AGS provides this type of audit and can provide advice and assistance on how to correct nonconformances.

Internal Auditing Services


AGS provides auditing services for firms that wish to outsource internal audits to outside audit specialists.

Gap Analysis

A Gap Analysis takes place before setting up an ISO quality system. This type of audit identifies which requirements of the ISO standard are already in place and what is missing that is a requirement of the standard.

Supplier Survey Audits

A supplier survey audit is an audit of a supplier’s quality system to determine if the system complies with an identified ISO standard and customer-specified requirements.

Outsource ISO System Maintenance Program


An organization may want to outsource the maintenance of the ISO system. This includes conducting internal audits, managing corrective and preventive actions, preparation of information for the Management Review meeting, and consulting on the planning and monitoring of improvement objectives.

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